Maybe Mitt Romney should actually WATCH Tucker instead of making stupid accusations.

Just sayin’.

So many headlines and OUTRAGED Tweeps thumping their chests and accusing Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson of TREASON for daring to talk about Biolabs in Ukraine. Even dillweed Peter Strzok threw his tainted hat in the ring and tried to trash them both (it didn’t go well for the disgraced former FBI guy).

Last night, Tucker addressed it all, and as usual, if you really listen to what he’s saying, the outrage is ridiculous.


Gosh, when you put it this way and point out the danger Biolabs in the wrong hands COULD pose to the world (hello, COVID), their concerns do make sense. And ultimately, that’s all we’re talking about here, two people who have concerns and voiced them.

Not to mention, Tucker invited Adam Kinzinger on the show to talk about the claims, and as we all know, Adam chickened out. Oh, he claimed he wanted to spend his time supporting Ukraine or some other happy virtue-signaling nonsense, but really we all know he was just scared he’d cry on Tucker’s show.

Like so many others before him.



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