Update: The CDC denies that the updated standards for child speech development are related to the potential negative effects of forced masking on kids. According to the CDC, the changes were in the works prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The milestone revisions were in process for several years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and are not related to the pandemic,” a CDC spokeswoman told AFP, one of Facebook’s fact-checking partners. 


No words for just how evil the CDC has become … this is abhorrent.

Instead of admitting locking children down and MASKING THEM has caused them very real damage, the CDC quietly tried to lower the standards for speech in early development. Tell us again how all of this hasn’t been political.


CDC should be defunded and disbanded at this point.

Crazy is not the word we think of when we see this.


That’s the word.

Sadly, after what we’ve seen the CDC pull in the last two years, we can absolutely believe this.

Sounds good to us.



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