As the media spin spin spin (NOW they’re admitting Omicron could be just like a flu since their pals who are thrice-vaxxed are catching it) and President Silver Alert goes on vacation at the beach with his wife and doggie, Mia Malan put together a pretty damn spectacular and FACT-FILLED thread with data on the variant.

Crazy, right?

DATA? FACTS?! The nerve.

People might actually stop panicking if they read the reality of the variant … so make sure you share this with everyone you know.

Take a look.

Seriously, read this and share it.

Wow, way more cases … sort of like what we’re seeing here.

But keep going.

Roughly 5%.

That’s it.

Going to the hospital.


Remember when the big deal was keeping our health care system from being overrun? Yeah …

Of that 5%, not even 1/3 of them had ‘severe disease.’

ICU stuff.

Keep going … trust us.

See what we mean? Omicron is super transmissible BUT it’s not putting people in the hospital and it’s not killing them.

Which is really what we should be watching, right?


Seeing a trend here, yes?

This variant seems ‘milder.’

Read that again.

Omicron admissions don’t strain the health system.

We keep seeing people mention Omicron as the key to this pandemic becoming endemic … something we just have to learn to live with.

What she said.

This looks to be the reality of Omicron. Take a deep breath.



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