Would someone let Joe Biden know that COVID cases are officially through the roof? Yeah, we know he’s on vacation again (hanging out masked up at the beach with his wifey and puppy) but one would think this is the sort of thing he’d cut his vacation short for.

Remember how they used to drag Trump for taking any time off during the pandemic, even an afternoon of golf?

Heck, we even remember when they railed on Trump for saying COVID would need to be dealt with at the state level.




Biden has set yet ANOTHER record.

Sadly, all of his records have been detrimental to the country.

No other country has as many COVID cases as America. WAY TO GO JOE!

Congratulations Joe is now trending on Twitter …

If you look at the trend, you will see several Lefties trying to claim it’s the fault of the unvaccinated that we’re seeing a spike, but the reality is even boosted people are catching Omicron. Biden’s biggest mistake was perhaps ridiculing Trump for not shutting down the virus and claiming that HE had a plan.

When he obviously did not.

Hello Joe, meet Karma. Karma, meet Joe.

Every time Biden breaks another record, America falls down a little more.



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