You’d think a city like New York City that has had a mask mandate, vaccine mandate, and a vaccine passport wouldn’t be having any issues with this Omicron variant if those measures actually worked. Considering they are breaking records with case numbers we’re kinda sorta thinking we are watching all of the COVID theatre fail in real-time.

Now, you’d think as these measures continue to fail they’d rethink their strategies, come up with some new ideas, or accept that this variant is contagious and the virus is becoming endemic … but oh no. They are just masking harder and making the lives of the children worse to protect them and stuff.

Christina Pushaw called them out:

One has to wonder if Stephen Levin actually has kids.

No parent in their right mind would want their kiddo sitting outside in the cold eating lunch.

What the Hell is wrong with that city?!

Don’t answer that.


Let’s see de Blasio eat outside in the cold.

Makes total sense.

Oh, wait.

No. It doesn’t.

But not much about any of this really does.



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