Now, we don’t know if Ian deliberately wrote this tweet to make it look like 60% of Republicans are unvaccinated (when the reality is of the people who are unvaccinated, 60% of them lean right, are Independent, or are Republicans) but the Twitter-mob LOVED it and ran with it, especially since they’re trying really hard to blame anyone and everyone besides Biden for the record-breaking number of COVID cases in the country.

You’d think with all of the pushback Ian has received he’d have either corrected or deleted this tweet by now but nope:

Think Twitter will mark this as misinformation anytime soon?


We are so kidding.

Plenty of people are ‘correcting’ him:


The only one really politicizing the vaccine is Ian in this case, just sayin’.

Because we should just take his word for it or something.

Not any.


We’d really like to think he just read it wrong but this feels kinda sorta and totally deliberate.

Ding ding ding. ^

Liz tried asking nicely.

Two and a half hours laters it’s still up.

Appears to have misread it.


Delete this tweet, Ian.



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