Imagine hating ANY industry this much? Wow.

We figured the New York Times had some pretty awful readers but we had no idea anyone would be this openly heartless about an entire industry being decimated by government lockdowns and mandates. Guess that’s a little naive considering we read tweets from people wishing horrible things on unvaccinated people and those they disagree with politically every single day but this just seems so callous and hateful.

Take a look:

It’s not the government’s job to prop up the restaurant business? What if the said government is the reason those restaurants are failing? While we typically would not demand government bail out any private industry, when it is the government’s FAULT they are suffering?


Oh, and apparently it’s super ok for a restaurant to fail if they serve expensive food.

Don’t make that face.

You know what? Do make that face, what a jacka*s.

And it just gets worse.

They really really really really hate business, and especially restaurants.

Which honestly seems so weird considering the amazing selection of restaurants New York City used to have. You’d think they would have some sympathy for the people in those restaurants who are losing their jobs but nope.

Good, shut ’em all down.

They should just plan to go out of business.

Learn to think?

Classy as always.

Ding ding ding.

Alive and WELL, especially with New York Times’ readers.



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