As Twitchy readers know, a group that we’re pretty sure is real (but not entirely sure how ‘real’ they really are) named Patriot Front marched on D.C. this past Saturday as a way to RECLAIM AMERICA. Most people on the Right just pointed and laughed, many assuming this was yet another ‘fed event’ meant to make all right-wingers look like crazed fascists. And of course, our pals on the Left couldn’t WAIT to paint all right-wingers in that very light.

Either way, the event itself was a joke and not a funny one.

Until Vinny Thomas dropped this video:

OMG, Heath and the drum.


If you watch the video, their drummer does seem a bit all over the place. And the shields … HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

This is so great.

Indeed they do.




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