Twitter is all a-flutter chatting about the large-ish group of men with little plastic shields who marched around Washington DC to ‘reclaim America’ on Saturday. Many people (this editor included) just laughed when seeing the original footage of the evil white supremacists in their pretty khakis and matching jackets marching around masked BUT it would appear the group is called ‘Patriot Front’ and is a real thing.

Could be a real thing?

You know, to be honest, everything is so dumb and this seems REALLY DUMB especially after the stunt The Lincoln Project claims they pulled at a Glenn Youngkin campaign stop BUT since this is a fairly viral Twitter thingie this morning, thought we’d share this thread from Kristofer Goldsmith.

Note, we can neither confirm nor deny is any of this is true, yadda yadda yadda:

The super scary fascists travel by U-Haul?

Alrighty then.

So IF this is real and IF they are the most active hate group in America … hate groups in 2021 are pretty damn lame.

Just sayin’.


Da da daaaaa!


Now the cops are complicit.


But did they talk about marching around DC wearing matching outfits? That’s the real question.

They’re so dangerous he’s encouraging people to film them.

Told you this is all pretty damn stupid.

Yeah, pull them over and identify them all.

This guy is REALLY focused on U-Haul trucks.

Hey, just an observation.




They’re not conservatives.

Now now, the people flipping out on Twitter using these morons as proof that conservatives are EVIL WHITE SUPREMACISTS and screeching about MUH TRUMP will be so disappointed.

And nothing says genocide like a police-escorted jaunt and then jumping into U-Hauls does.

Oh, he’s citing Antifa now.


So is the group legit?

Likely. At least in part.

Is the group worth all of this attention?


Should we continue to point and laugh at the whole situation?

Damn straight.



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