Can’t wait for Youngkin and Miyares’ teams to investigate Loudoun County, VA.


Yup, you read that correctly.


Now, this editor is also from Virginia and earlier this year reached out to find out how much a FOIA for a batch of emails between Beth Barts and the superintendent would cost. They quoted $72.16 an hour and the grand total was nearly $3k … for one request.

Gosh, almost as if they don’t want to fill those requests.

From The Washington Examiner:

A parent was told by Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia that it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to gain access to all the public records relating to sexual assault and rape incidents across several months this year.

The parent, Michelle Mege, was informed $36,000 would be the tab for the county to respond to her Freedom of Information Act request fully on Oct. 18, according to the Daily Caller. In particular, she requested access to “all communications, including press releases, statements, emails, or other correspondence in any format within the LCPS possession” that contained the words “sexual assault” or “rape” between May 1 and Oct. 18.

Wayde Byard, a public information officer with Loudoun County Public Schools, said there were 100,065 “potential documents” in response to her request.

“Retrieving these documents would take a half hour’s work by the supervisor of information technology at a cost of $36.08,” he added. “Review of these documents, at the rate of 200 per hour, is estimated to take 500 hours. This work would be performed by the public information officer at the rate of $72.15 per hour. Loudoun County Public Schools estimates it would cost $36,111.68 to fulfill this request.”

Ooh, it went down a cent per hour.


Blue counties with blue school boards and blue districts.




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