Awww, isn’t that cute? Black Lives Matter trying to remind us all they’re actually Marxists. Suppose they thought we might start having our doubts when one of their co-founders bought a bunch of different homes that combined cost several million dollars. That doesn’t sound a whole lot like Marxism, ya’ know?

Hot take is hot and not in a good way:

Capitalism isn’t capable of loving anyone since it is a political/economic system without feelings. Oh, we get what they were trying to do here but it was lame.

And obviously a lie considering how well their co-founders have done under this very system. Pretty sure Patrisse Cullors wouldn’t have multiple properties if she were living under Marxism.


For not being able to love, it sure looks like Capitalism works for certain co-founders of Black Lives Matter who happen to be Black.

This is an insult to nine-year-olds EVERYWHERE.

Seeing a theme here.

This is honestly very true.





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