Don’t worry you guys. The Australian COVID quarantine camp in Howard Springs is just like a vacation resort with free Wifi and yummy grub where super hot babes sit around in bikinis all day snapping selfies because it’s so rad.

SO rad in fact that if you don’t obey the rules while you’re kept at this camp they’ll fine you up to $5k bucks.

Oh, and did you guys see the story about police arresting three people who ‘escaped’ from this camp? Call us crazy, but if being in this camp is voluntary they wouldn’t call it ‘escaping’ now would they?

This video is something else … watch:

Tell us more about how awesome a COVID quarantine camp is … ffs.


This does NOT look like a vacation resort for hot babes.

It looks like a scene from a dystopian movie … a bad one.

Super sciency, yup.

Don’t forget the free Wifi!

What the HELL is going on in this world?



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