So is it too early to coin the phrase DeSantis Derangement Syndrome?

Brandon Friedman is a self-proclaimed ‘former Obama guy’ who seems to think DeSantis reactivating the Florida State Guard is somehow proof the governor is going to BREAK FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. REEEEE!

Forget New York and California and a bunch of other states have a state guard, since it’s DeSantis it’s a big freakin’ deal because REASONS!

Look at this crazy:

Jeebus, Larry, and Moseph.

These people are not well.

Oh wait, there’s more.


It’s all a PLOT!



See what we mean by DeSantis Derangement Syndrome? DDS sounds like an actual affliction as well.

It’s almost as if Brandon has never heard of state’s rights before. Someone wanna get him a book?

Imagine thinking a state wanting to be left alone is controversial but a federal government using its military to forcibly vaccinate the people is not.

Obama guy … yeah, that reads.

Wow, this was dumb.

Hey, we told you it was.

And to think, we didn’t belive the Left had any sanity left to lose.



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