David HAD to know this thread wouldn’t go well. Trolling maybe?

Nah, trolling takes a least SOME sort of thought process, especially when the person involved has a pretty blue checkmark.

Pretty sure ol’ David thinks all of this is true …

Harvard’s PRIDE, right here, ladies and gents:

State of politics? Does he realize Biden is the president right now?

He thinks this is a threat? Alrighty.

Then don’t raise kids here, David. Pretty simple.

He had no idea people are unhappy under Biden?




You know, they just don’t get it. While Trump was president, sure, he said some dumb stuff, but there were no mandates. The only authoritarian we’ve actually seen in office is a Democrat … this is just remarkably stupid on so many levels.



What a bunch of self-centered, entitled brats.

And he’s their leader.

We’d donate!

No, no he does not.




David was handed an education at Harvard, and he’s b*tching and moaning about where he lives.

Talk about an elitist jacka*s.


Dammit though, that song will be in our head all day now.

Oh well, WORTH IT.



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