There may be more to the Chris Cuomo firing than we realize.

Then again, we heard about all of these things as they happened one by one but maybe over time it just finally built up?

Granted, when you look at it like this though, it seems like a LOT:

Ooooh, we’d forgotten about the ‘fake reemergence’ from his basement after he was caught breaking quarantine.

What a putz.

Awwww yes, the giant q-tip gag, while thousands of elderly people in nursing homes were passing away due to Cuomo’s horrific handling of the virus.

They ‘tolerated’ a lot.

Makes you wonder WHY, doesn’t it?

This is strange.

Toobin was caught masturbating on a work Zoom call … CNN kept him.

But they fired Cuomo.

Makes ya’ wonder.

This. ^



So about that dance squad … sorry … ‘Patriot Front’ group in khakis marching around with shields and riding off in their U-Hauls, it just gets dumber

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