As we learn more about the students who lost their lives in a horrific school shooting in Michigan our hearts continue to break. Barstool Sports wrote a lovely piece about a young man who lost his life saving others:

His name was Tate Myre.

From Barstool Sports:

In a world where, in the wake of tragedy, it is oftentimes the perpetrator of terrible acts whose name is plastered across the media and talked about, today we should really discuss Tate Myre – a junior student-athlete who died trying to stop an armed gunman.

Tate had just finished his junior football season and had received all-region for TE and LB.

With all of his accomplishments on and off the field, Tate Myre will be remembered for his bravery in the face of pure evil.

It is reported that Tate rushed an active shooter and received many gunshot wounds trying to disarm him, allowing time for others to seek safety.

As more comes out about this case, let us just take time to spread the name and heroism of Tate Myre, a hero who saved a countless amount of lives through self-sacrifice.

So many tears.

And yet somehow, someway, Keith Olbermann thought this was a good time to trash Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports, and the Right in general.

This guy is just off his rocker.

Off his meds?



You know what, we’re not sure there’s actually a word for how gross Keith is. Portnoy did fire back (and who could blame him), but then he deleted it because it was only giving Keith more attention for highjacking a tragedy for his own relevance.

Others weren’t quite so kind:


You can always count on Keith to sink even lower out of desperation for attention. Even when that attention comes from being a disgusting toad of a human being.



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