Ok, who’s going to tell Noah Smith he should not only delete this tweet, but apologize to Conservatives and everyone in the pro-life movement and THEN delete his account? This is grossly obnoxious on a level of grossly obnoxious we don’t see every day.

Is he saying Conservatives should support abortion because more people of color get them than white people? And that means fewer people of color? Because gosh, that’s what it looks like to us.

Disgusting much, Noah?

Like seriously, who sits down and thinks, ‘Well, I really hate Conservatives so I’m going to say the quiet part out loud about how many more people of color are lost to abortion just so I can dunk on them.’

Just abhorent.

Something like that.

He does.

He just doesn’t care.

And a pretty glaring example of how racist the Left really is.

Ya’ think?

They rely on boring, lazy, and sad stereotypes so they can remain in their little bubbles of hate.

Oh, just about everyone on Twitter.


Pretty sure Noah’s not bright enough to see the irony in his own tweet.



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