If we had a nickel for every time someone on the Left tried to pretend their party wasn’t responsible for slavery, and the KKK we’d have a buttload of nickels. You’d think by now with all of the resources available, they’d stop spewing this ridiculous nonsense and instead own it and talk about what they’re doing to make sure it never happens again. But no, people like Joy Reid would rather make fools of themselves on social media pushing their revisionist history as a means to somehow dunk on the right. She even tried using some cute gifs which makes her silly thread all the more annoying.


The reversal of the two parties is part of revisionist history that Democrats like to use to pretend they don’t belong to a party that founded the KKK.

And the only other people who buy that crap are in the same camp.

But hey, you go, Joy.

White flight?


She does realize the first Black Senator is a Republican, right? And that Robert Byrd, a literal klansman and Grand Wizard, was a Democrat until the day he died?


Notice she doesn’t provide a link to her history source because it’s likely another revisionist history book.


Ugh, she wrote a book about it.

Wait, was she referencing her own book as ‘history’? Hrm.

Uh huh.

But but but … the parties switched! Racism!

Because they can’t accept the reality of who they are and where they’ve come from.

They desperately need that myth so they can keep patting themselves on the back for being the good guys … admitting they are the bad guys is just too much.

Used to be.


That. ^ Exactly that.



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