Good to see Gov. DeSantis looking and sounding presidential about what happened in Waukesha, WI since Biden and the media have all but forgotten about it. We all know if the driver of the SUV had been some straight white guy we’d STILL be watching footage from Joy Reid crying about domestic terrorism and white supremacy while headlines would scream about the dangers of Trump supporters (even if the guy wasn’t a Trump supporter).

BUT, since Darrell Brooks is a Black man with a social media history of hating white people, they’ve all moved on.

Except DeSantis.

Watch this, you’ll fist-pump:

When can DeSantis run for president again?

We especially like his mocking the media for claiming the SUV itself drove through the parade. So many SUVs hate Christmas and their violence should be STOPPED!


Seriously, if you look through the news, it’s as if the attack never happened. And NOBODY is talking about the domestic terrorist who was reportedly swerving the SUV to hit people named Darrell Brooks.

Evil liars.

That works.

They care more about agenda and the Democratic platform than they do reality and facts.

This is nothing new but it’s good to see DeSantis dragging TF out of them for it.


And one day soon, we hope.

2024 anyone?



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