AOC and ‘greatness’ are two words we NEVER expected to see together. LOL

Apparently, NY Magazine has put together a book of essays talking about how RAD Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is. It will include pieces on her beauty, her social media greatest hits, and her ‘rare authenticity.’

Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh, this shiznit is funny AF:

Oooh, a painted cover.


Something like that.

She gets away with being stupid because she’s not a warthog from Hell like so many other Democrats. Not to mention we all know she is more of an actress then a politician as she ‘auditioned’ for this role so nobody expects much from her.


This book is worship.

Fair point.

Christine Pushaw chimed in:

Or is that CHURNALISM?

Probably a REASON for that.


Get in line with the rest of us.



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