Republicans are on track to retake the House in 2022.

With an incredibly unpopular president in Joe Biden and an even more unpopular vice president (so bad they’re allegedly talking about removing her) in Kamala Harris, it’s almost a done deal. Even if you look at history itself, when one party takes the White House the other typically takes the House and eventually the Senate.

So you’d think Democrats would be a bit more mindful about what could happen in less than a year but they’re not. Hell, Eric Swalwell was going after parents on Twitter just last night.

And Ted Cruz with the truth bomb of the day.

A LOOOOOT more time on their hands.

And it’s going to be glorious.


As usual, our pals on the Left lost their freakin’ minds over Ted’s tweet. With Trump being suspended, Ted has really become one of their targets PLUS we imagine the truth hurts.


If you’re going to complain about her at least get her name right, you know?

They’re still mad Ted didn’t stay in Texas and freeze.


Ugh, GQP

It can’t be mentally well for so many people to believe in a group that simply does not exist.

See what we mean? OBSESSED.

Oooh, so tough calling him by his real name.



How much do you think Ted laughs when he sees them all thumping their little chests on his tweets?




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