As Twitchy readers know, The Salvation Army demanded people apologize for their ‘White-racism’ when making a donation this year.

Yeah, it was pretty stupid.

Considering they have been putting out stories about how their donations have been down in recent years, this was really not a great move if their end goal was actually raising more money. The backfire has been incredible and not in a good way, so The Salvation Army put out a statement and sorta ‘backpedaled’ on the whole, ‘you evil White people need to apologize for your White-racism’ thing.


We’re not sure if they thought this would actually help or if they are really just that out of touch with the real world:

Certain aspects of the guide may need to be clarified?


But that’s not the worst part … ‘some have CHOSEN to ignore these efforts.’

Yeah, it’s our fault The Salvation Army was moronic and tried to target the majority of their donors as racists to make some ridiculous virtue signal that only makes THEM feel better about themselves because they care about racism so much and stuff.

They’re still in deep doo, maybe even deeper:

And they didn’t really backpedal so much as claim people are ignoring their efforts to make us all apologize for being White racists.

Tough crowd.

And rightfully so.




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