Thinking the Salvation Army has lost sight of its real mission. Just sayin’.


As Americans head out on Black Friday to make a dent in their holiday shopping lists, some are sure to come across Salvation Army volunteers ringing bells as part of the annual Red Kettle campaign. But this year, the global charitable organization wants more from its donors than a donation to the needy during the holidays. With the dissemination of a recent Salvation Army guide titled “Let’s Talk About … Racism,” the Christian organization is attempting to elicit “sincere” apologies from white people for being racist.

The guide, which was compiled and approved earlier this year by the International Social Justice Commission of the Salvation Army, aligns the organization with the ideology of the Black Lives Matter, antiracism, and critical race theory movements.

Defining “structural racism” as “the overarching system of racial biasing across institutions and society,” the guide declares: “These systems give privileges to White people resulting in disadvantages to People Of Color.”

The last time we checked, The Salvation Army helped people of all colors in need … gosh, we missed it when they became another branch of BLM.


Honestly, we have been reading stories about how donations are DOWN for the organization, not sure this is going to help them much.

Yeah, we’re not seeing a great trend here for The Salvation Army.


Whoda thunk demanding White people apologize for their racism when they make a donation wouldn’t go well. *eye roll*

It certainly isn’t helping their mission.



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