Black Lives Matter sent out a lovely, thoughtful, unifying message on Thanksgiving Day.


They sent out this garbage, ON THANKSGIVING.

Not entirely sure when activists started thinking the best way to make change is to annoy and piss everyone else off but this tweet did NOT have the effect they were going for. We didn’t even see too many white Lefties coming out in support of this ridiculous tweet to pretend they’re in touch and care about racism and stuff.

Oh yeah, about that ‘stolen land.’

The co-founder of BLM has FIVE houses … and they’re all on stolen land.


We’re going to assume yes, yes they all are.

Wouldn’t that make her a colonizer? Asking for a friend.

But dry turkey! COLONIZATION.

And not all that bright.



The grift is strong.

Their relevance is tanking which is probably why they thought tweeting this amount of stupid on Thanksgiving was a good idea. Nothing else to lose?



Who knew it was that easy?

What he said.

And that’s the best response of them all. Enjoy your lives, smile, be happy, be successful, and never apologize for any of it.

Nothing drives the commies crazier.



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