We’re not sure what’s more pathetic here.

That this federal judge thought Al Gore ‘was a man’ about losing in 2000 or that CNN thought this was worth covering.

You know, we really should learn to embrace the power of and.

From CNN:

A federal judge took aim at former President Donald Trump on Monday for lying about voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, saying that former Vice President Al Gore had a better standing to challenge the 2000 election results but that he was “a man” and walked away.

“Al Gore had a better case to argue than Mr. Trump, but he was a man about what happened to him,” Senior District Judge Reggie Walton said of Gore’s decision to end his presidential bid following weeks of legal battles. “He accepted it and walked away.”

Ironically, Walton was elected by the guy who actually beat Gore.

Gore and his hanging chads. Alrighty then.

Him big man.


We get it, Trump hatred makes people say and do really stupid stuff, but this was EMBARRASSINGLY dumb.

From a federal judge no less.



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