The way the Left-wing/mainstream media covered the Rittenhouse case was absolutely about politics and not facts. That even people who have been voting blue for their whole lives are seeing that now speaks VOLUMES.

We kinda sorta totally love this thread from Colin Wright:

And it is utterly frightening. Add to the mix the number of people buying into their reporting? Bad stuff.

But race-baiting is what our friends on the Left do best.

Absolutely spot on here. Rittenhouse shouldn’t have even gone to trial but the media wanted their story, they wanted their ‘evil right-wing white-supremacist kills people’ story and they weren’t about to let any facts or reality get in the way.



Not to mention our cookies are far better. Just sayin’.

Love this!

Sadly, when you cover the crazy every day as we do here at Twitchy, none of it is truly shocking anymore.

What would be truly shocking is if it suddenly stopped.

But we’re not holding our breath on that one.



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