Remember when Joy Reid claimed time-traveling hackers put a bunch of homophobic content on her personal blog and she expected people to believe it? Welp, apparently now she is out fighting to make sure LGBTQ ‘issues’ are being pushed in school libraries and if you have a problem with that, you’re a book banner.

Technically, she’s calling parents who are concerned about graphic novels showing a young man fellating a strap-on ‘book banners’ but you get it.

Heads up, y’all.

From The Guardian:

“We’ve seen a number of these parents’ rights groups that have arisen in the last year get involved in these challenges, and their local chapters are turning out to attend school board meetings and challenge books. It really has sparked a rise in challenges,” she said.

“When you have organizations like Heritage Foundation and Family Policy Alliance publishing materials that instruct parents on how to challenge books in the school library or the public library, right down to a challenge form enclosed in the booklet so they can just fill it out, you’re seeing a challenge to our democratic values of free speech, freedom of thought, freedom of belief.”

Yes, it’s all a PLOT. Parents are forming groups to ban all the books and keep their kids from learning HISTORY because RACISTS and stuff.

Holy crap.

Parents voicing concerns about various books in libraries is not BANNING BOOKS.

It is not fascism.

It is called PARENTING.

And more of us need to do it.


We imagine she’d rather not talk about her own past of homophobia BUT good point.

Oh, but books about the damage the genderfluid movement is doing to teenagers aren’t allowed.


No no, it’s the evil Heritage Foundation and parents … or something.



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