This is the FBI at work.

‘Amazing,’ and not in a good way.

Now, we’re pretty sure the FBI didn’t see Molly Jong-Fast’s ridiculous article and say, ‘You know what, we really should put out a tweet from our Chicago office about reporting relatives at their Thanksgiving table. I saw this RAD column from that Jong-Fast woman who suggested it and booyah. What a great idea.’

But that she felt comfortable writing about such a thing and then the FBI actually DID IT?

It says a lot about where this country is right now and ain’t none of it any good. It was bad enough when the Left was releasing ‘guides’ on how to deal with their hateful, redneck, toothless, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, no-shirt-wearing conservative uncle at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, but THIS takes their horribleness even further.

Sidenote, who KNEW horribleness was a word?!

Disgusting is a good word for it.

We can think of a few others but they’d all get us in trouble if we put them in ‘print.’

Can’t you just feel the UNITY and HEALING?!


Molly blocks easily and often.

And this editor knows.

She’s sorry if the thought of reporting your relatives to the FBI wasn’t funny.


Sure she is.

Maybe she should spend a little time reading the room and a little less time trying to ‘dunk’ on the Right. Yeah yeah, we know she won’t.


This is an insult to ditzes everywhere.

And actually yes, it is scary.

Terrifying even.



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