The way Casey Neistat reacted to his car being broken into because Los Angeles has turned into a third-world sh*thole is absolutely understandable. Being stolen from, having your vehicle broken into … such a violation.

And we really like how he thanked LAPD for helping them find the thugs who broke into their cars and getting their stuff back – we need more of that.

Now, for whatever reason, Seth Rogen didn’t think Casey should be upset about his car being broken into and almost seemed to take offense about his honesty about the dump Los Angeles has turned into.

Sorry, Seth, we guess the truth hurts?

Someone is nuts here, Seth, but it’s not Casey.

A city where crime is so commonplace you laugh about it is not ‘lovely.’


Casey responded:

Yes, yes you can be.

Anyone SANE with a normal-functioning brain would be pissed.

But Seth … is Seth:

Being upset because your car has been broken into doesn’t mean you see it as an extension of who you are. And SERIOUSLY, his car has been broken into 15 times and he still calls Los Angeles ‘lovely.’ Pot kills brain cells, right?


They just don’t get it.



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