Ana Navarra couldn’t even let Thanksgiving go without making a complete nit of herself.

We’re not entirely sure where this trend of crapping on certain demographics of Americans to somehow make a point on Thanksgiving started, but the only real impact it’s having is the red pilling of more and more people.

For example, Ana thought this was something tweet-worthy … for Thanksgiving:


So we get what she’s saying here, that Americans should be thankful for migrant farmworkers or whatever, but at the same time it just doesn’t come across as a positive. Not to mention it sets and perpetuates a fairly ugly stereotype.

You’ve got to wonder if she’s ever spent time with farmers, at all.


Hey now, those Thanksgiving Day racial stereotypes are super important to Ana. Without them, she can’t pat herself on the back for pretending to care about the less fortunate while tweeting from Paris, France. Wonder how many farmers she’s hanging out with over there?

She is.

Or just thoughtless.

Perhaps we should just embrace the power of and.

Right? You know she’s out there every chance she gets, tending the fields.

This woman.

Seems a lot of people couldn’t let their stupid agenda go, even for one day. She’s not unique.

Just obnoxious.


This is called virtue-signaling.

It’s what lazy people do to pretend they care about the little people when in reality they only really care about clicks, taps, and faves.

Calling Ana a stereotypical elitist is an insult to stereotypical elitists everywhere.



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