This is just what we needed to finish out our Thanksgiving Day … and head into Black Friday.

And the Christmas season in general.

Watch until the end.

You’ll thank us.

We love that Adam Schitt … sorry, Schiff … is Cousin Eddie and Kamala is his trashy, backwoods wife Catherine. And it wouldn’t be a ‘Democratic’ family dinner without Pelosi, Schumer, FLOTUS, AOC, Ilhan Omar.

What a horrible yet hilarious dinner.

And that cackle from the VP? PERFECTION.

Eerie, creepy, cringe perfection.

We saw this meme a lot yesterday.

There is also one where he was wishing people a Happy Independence Day.

Almost as if Americans know who Biden is.

Totally snort-laughed.

More than once.

And then again watching it here in this article.


Amazing and at the expense of some of our ‘favorite’ people.

Trump popping out of the super dry turkey and dancing on the table, while Ihan and AOC look on in horror, is a lovely way to end the piece.

To be honest, if Trump popped out of this editor’s turkey it might be a bit alarming, BUT we get what she’s saying here.

After spending a day watching every progressive, woke, nimrod out there trying to trash Thanksgiving (or even pushing for people to report their relatives to the FBI!), this ‘greeting’ from Benny Johnson was a much-needed and hilarious break from the horrible and annoying.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And Happy Black Friday!



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