As Twitchy readers know, Fauci ‘scoffed’ at being held accountable by Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for the course of COVID-19 since they are really only criticizing science because he represents science.


Yup, we made that same face.

He really is an annoying, awful, evil, smug little gnome from Hell, ain’t he? Seems the highest-paid federal employee is feeling pretty untouchable since President Silver Alert is sitting in the White House and there are still millions of lemmings who think he gives a damn about him.

Senator Rand Paul responded as only he can and oh HELL yeah:

Hubris is a word we do NOT hear enough these days.


And ‘public health bureaucrat’.

That’s PERFECT … he’s not a scientist, he’s an overpaid government lackey who likes to pretend he’s a scientist, and Paul absolutely has his number. Let’s just hope he and others finally do something with it.

Wear a mask.

Don’t wear a mask.

You shouldn’t wear a mask.

Masks don’t work.

Oh, never mind, wear a mask.

In fact, wear two.

OH, and get vaccinated a lot.

Then get a booster.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Inquiring minds wanna know.

Amen and PREACH.

Ugh, awful. Fauci was a disaster in the 80s with AIDS, why would anyone listen to this guy?

The one thing Trump really should have done differently …

Someone has to.

OMG, that is terrifying, EL OH EL.

Suck it, Fauci.

We said what we said!



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