It’s as if Ilhan Omar has no idea who she really is …

Or she thinks we’re all too dumb to remember the things she’s said and tweeted over the years. Do we necessarily agree with what Lauren Boebert said? Not really, because it gave Ilhan another opportunity to play the victim. Oh, poor Ilhan, people are so mean to her and all she’s ever done is say anti-Semitic and bigoted things. Do we think Ilhan has any place playing the victim? Hell no.

C’mon man!


Ilhan thinks this is no laughing matter:

There are lots of things that have no place in Congress, and Ilhan is one of them.

Sorry, not sorry.

Hey, if she wants to base it on horrible comments she should have been kicked out years ago. From ‘all about the Benjamins,’ to tweeting about the evils of Israel and praying that Allah wakes people up, she has tweeted some terrible crap. Or that time she said ‘some people did some thing’ when talking about 9/11?

Gross stuff.

Jesse Kelly said it WAY better than we could (but don’t tell him we said so because we’ll never hear the end of it):


So much ouch.

In fact, the amount of ouch here is so massive that it went around to not being painful at all BACK to serious ouch.


Double oof.


Jesse really needs to learn how to express himself and stop being so damn shy.

Jesse really should consider writing Christmas cards for Hallmark.




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