Media tell us over and over and over again they don’t pick a side and then they prove they’re liars over and over and over again with tweets like this one from SENIOR White House Yahoo News correspondent, Alexander Nazaryan.

Boy oh boy, they really hate that DeSantis has been successful at dealing with COVID in Florida, which is really a strange thing for them to be angry about. You’d think they would want to share the good things he’s done with the rest of the country so MORE states can start really recovering.

Just kidding, we know they care more about agenda and narrative than people.


Thank goodness DeSantis has one of the biggest and baddest press secretaries in the country … Christina Pushaw:

He really does seem unhappy about DeSantis’ (and Florida’s) success.


Christina continued to dice him up:


Yeah, Cuomo really sucked at his job.

He even had to resign.


Oooh, did he delete it before?


Speaking of hilarious:

Yes, yes that IS him.

Seeing a pattern here?

She pulled zero punches.

And we love it.

Sadly, that seems about right these days.

Psh, it’s seasonal when it’s Michigan, silly.

Poor lil fella.

Not really.




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