Here we go again. . .

Dr. Anthony Fauci made the rounds on the morning shows on earlier today and he’s advising everyone to panic about the new omicron variant because that’s just how he rolls:

He took both sides of the argument, of course:

But “prepare for the worst,” he advised:

And at what point do they realize that lockdowns, at least the way the U.S. does lockdowns, just don’t work?

He also fired back at Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, saying on “Face the Nation” that “they’re really criticizing science because I represent science” and “that’s dangerous”:

Honest question to Team Biden: Do you REALLY think he’s helping?

Enough with him, already:

“Same energy”:

And that was a nice, subtle dig at Ted Cruz and January 6 that absolutely nobody in the national media will call him out on: