Aaron Rupar is very upset that a man in Texas shot a man in self-defense. Heck, he even thinks America is insane because someone could claim self-defense if they shoot someone on their property. We’d encourage Aaron to look at gun-control laws in this country and the statistics on how many times firearms are actually used in self-defense. He’d probably still think it’s insane that Americans are allowed to defend themselves in this way but still …

This is the story that got Aaron’s britches all bunched up:

AG is looking into this and it very well could be self-defense, but Aaron is already off and running about INSANE GUN LAWS. So much so that it led to this hot mess from Canada:

We said this earlier when we wrote about the person who wants anti-vax parents painfully restrained and forced to watch their kids be forcibly vaccinated … we don’t typically cover randos unless their tweet is just that awesome or awful.

Or painfully stupid.

Like that one.

Canadians clearly know all about American gun control. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Yeah, we remember that too.


Ok, so this made us laugh but you KNOW some anti-gun crazy out there will see this image floating around and think it’s real.

We found one in our box of Raisin Bran this morning!


Yeah, so? This editor eats Raisin Bran. MIND YER BUSINESS.

Dumb, even for Canada.



Loaded even.





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