Boy oh boy, our pals in the media sure are rushing to protect the driver of the SUV, claiming it wasn’t terrorism but instead he was just fleeing the scene of a stabbing (which in their little minds is better but whatever). They so desperately do not want this to be about anything other than a guy driving too fast in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ask yourselves why.

From Mediaite:

“That’s what law enforcement officials say, that they believe he was fleeing another crime scene perhaps and while fleeing, he drove through this parade route,” Prokupecz said. “They say that there’s some belief this wasn’t intentional. He didn’t mean to hit some of these people because, when you look at the video, it seems like he avoided a number of people. So that’s one of the things law enforcement was looking at.”

They believe the guy driving through a parade route and killing five people (while wounding dozens more) was not intentional.

Alrighty then.

Dana Loesch is all of us (except for our firefighting pals in the media):

We had the same reaction as Dana, who’da thunk it?

Not to mention, when you view the horrific footage from above it appears he’s not exactly trying NOT to hit people. The route almost looks deliberate … but what do we know? We just write about Twitter and make fun of Alyssa Milano for a living, right?

Sure feels like it.


Although they had just ‘let him out’ a couple of days before.

Something strange is definitely afoot at the Circle K …



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