Maybe just leave Kyle Rittenhouse alone at this point, Lefties.


You’ve all proven you care more about a narrative and an agenda than what really happened with Kyle in Kenosha, even AFTER a jury of his peers found him not guilty, so maybe just stifle.

Take RVAwonk, Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D for example:

Ummm … what?

To be clear, it is just an opinion.

Her opinion.

And if she IS a doctor she should know better than to diagnose someone who is not her patient.

Just sayin’.


Double oof.

But that’s not just an opinion.

Or something.



‘Legally DUMB blonde’ —> Reese Witherspoon DRAGGED mercilessly for her Kyle Rittenhouse thread (she got NOTHING right!)

REPORT: Here are the details of the suspect Waukesha Police have in custody, Darrell E. Brooks; UPDATED

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