Reese Witherspoon apparently woke up Saturday morning and decided to write a thread about gun violence and the Rittenhouse verdict … and got literally nothing right. It’s fascinating, and not in a good way, watching these Hollywood types prove they are clueless about reality over and over again. All anyone had to do was WATCH THE FREAKIN’ TRIAL and they’d save themselves a good bit of embarrassment and humiliation.

We suppose Hollywood is gonna Hollywood.

Hey, at least she didn’t write some creepy, loving tweets to child rapist ‘Jojo.’

Take a gander:

She didn’t watch the trial.

Let’s not pretend she was voting for Republicans anyway.


Justice for the pedophile and wife beater?

Weird flex but ok.

Some people believe this WAS justice for them but we digress.

Wow, Reese. You’d think you’d get at least something right?



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