Even as local authorities are telling people to shelter in place, this jagoff was busy making disgusting comments about the horrific scene where a red SUV drove through a Christmas Parade leaving at least 20 injured in Waukesha, WI. Information is all over the place as they are trying to piece together what happened, and he thought this was the right time to make a joke about Wisconsin law, Conservatives, and make a dig at Kyle Rittenhouse.

What the Hell is wrong with these people?



Oh, and he tweeted this garbage TWICE to make sure CNN saw it.

No words.

He has continued to post like he gives a damn about what is happening on the ground, but clearly, he cares more about playing politics and making cheapshots at people calling him out for being a complete toad.

Not even two hours after reporting about the Waukesha incident started and he’s taking shots at Wisconsin. Classy.

He’s far from the only one making gross comments about what happened, but he’s by far one of the more visible.

Especially with his connection to CBS …



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