We didn’t even know how many casualties were involved in the horrific Waukesha incident before the Left was out in all their hideous glory claiming this was somehow karma for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Digs about self-defense were all over Lefty Twitter, even from social media managers of the Democratic Party.

Mary Lemanski is the social media manager for the Democratic Party of DuPage County, IL. She tweeted about karma and self-defense, and then tried deleting the awful tweets WHICH were of course already snagged because tweets are FOREVER.

Awful stuff.

Yeah, we can see why she deleted it.

She did NOT delete this one though …

And now, Lemanski is very upset that people are angry about the tweet she tried to delete:

Meaning she’s learned NOTHING.

People don’t want to read a tweet where she plays the victim after making light of an SUV driving through a Christmas parade, they want to read a tweet about her apologizing for the tweet and saying she’ll work on not being a horrible troll from here on out.

It only made things worse for her.


And now she is talking about suing Fox News for writing about her tweets:

Over this article:

Her own words?

Alrighty then.



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