Yeah, we know ‘racist’ is the Left’s go-to but HOLY EFF this thread from San Francisco CEO Melinda Byerley is freakin’ racist.

You guys might think she looks familiar … and there is absolutely a reason.

We’ll get to that.

But first, check out this thread:



And she wants them to ‘go home’ because they support lower taxes, smaller government, and freedom? Maybe ol’ Melinda should get her arse on an airplane and head over to India if she likes bigger government.

Can you IMAGINE if a conservative wrote something like this? Trump called members of MS-13 ‘animals’ and to this DAY they still claim he was referring to all illegal immigrants.

If you’re not some crazy Leftist who believes in 5000 genders and wants big government you can’t find a job in Silicon Valley.

We’re not kidding.

And Byerley’s openness about telling immigrants who disagree with her to get out proves it.


Awwwww, and like you guys, we thought she looked familiar.

Yo Democrats, THIS tweet about middle America from nobody Melinda Byerley is WHY you keep losing

Melinda MIGHT be a teensy weensy on the bigoted side.

Just sayin’.



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