Warning, before reading Melinda’s drivel about Middle America you may want to take a Tums.

Melinda, who until yesterday seems to have been an outspoken NOBODY, for whatever reason decided to crap all over middle America because hey, what better way to connect with people than by calling them stupid, violent, racist and misogynistic.

And Democrats wonder why they lost.

“One thing middle America could do is realize that no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people.”

Americans, especially those “stupid Midwesterners”, are SO TIRED of people like Melinda thinking they have any right to judge them or talk down to them.

She has the nerve to talk about tolerance and diversity while calling THEM bigots?

Excuse us but witch, please.

Hopefully the door hit on her on the ass …

Melinda replied to this woman by telling her middle America has an identity issue.


Dana Loesch wasn’t having any of it …

Absolutely awful but by golly, it got attention.

Wonder how Melinda is enjoying her Twitter fame this morning.

She is helping elect Trump to a second term and he’s not even in office yet.


If you can stand to read Melinda’s timeline (and trust us, it’s not fun) she goes on and on about Russia, and Trump voters (even though we know for a fact plenty of people who didn’t vote for Trump slammed her for her nonsense) and then of course plays victim to trolls who dare disagree with her.

Gosh, you call a large group of Americans stupid, racist, sexist, bigoted and misogynistic and they might get irritated with you.


OH NOEZ! The New York Times even thinks she’s stupid.

Awww, sounds like we’re dealing with a social justice warrior. Figures.

What she is saying here is “I’M SMART DON’T BE MEAN TO ME.”

Too bad that for being such a supposed intellectual she’s absolutely ignorant about people.

Editor’s note: Melinda blocked the editor who wrote this article because she wants an open dialogue or something. Uh-huh.