How DARE Bari Weiss think for herself and support free speech?! Monster!

Considering this editor’s kids are both in high school … booyah.

Instead of complaining about how much higher ed sucks, they’re doing something about it.

We so love this:

From Bari’s substack:

But we are done waiting. We are done waiting for the legacy universities to right themselves. And so we are building anew.

I mean that quite literally.

As I write this, I am sitting in my new office (boxes still waiting to be unpacked) in balmy Austin, Texas, where I moved three months ago from my previous post as president of St. John’s College in Annapolis.

I am not alone.

Our project began with a small gathering of those concerned about the state of higher educationNiall Ferguson, Bari Weiss, Heather Heying, Joe Lonsdale, Arthur Brooks, and Iand we have since been joined by many others, including the brave professors mentioned above, Kathleen Stock, Dorian Abbot and Peter Boghossian.

We count among our numbers university presidents: Robert Zimmer, Larry Summers, John Nunes, and Gordon Gee, and leading academics, such as Steven Pinker, Deirdre McCloskey, Leon Kass, Jonathan Haidt,  Glenn Loury, Joshua Katz, Vickie Sullivan, Geoffrey Stone, Bill McClay, and Tyler Cowen.

We are also joined by journalists, artists, philanthropists, researchers, and public intellectuals, including Lex Fridman, Andrew Sullivan, Rob Henderson, Caitlin Flanagan, David Mamet, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sohrab Ahmari, Stacy Hock, Jonathan Rauch, and Nadine Strossen.


Yeah yeah, we told you guys people freaked out.

And they did:

Because you know, we can’t have anyone who supports free thinking and free speech to actually open a university.

We can’t have people thinking for themselves!

They’re so fussy.

One must wonder why they so object to this, right?

Just kidding.

We know why they object.

Darn Bari and her evil free-thinking ideas!



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