Democrats aren’t doing well after the Youngkin victory in Virginia last week.

Ok, let’s be honest.

After the DEMOCRAT BUTT-WHOOPING in Virginia last week.

Not just Governor, but Lt. Governor, Attorney General, AND the House.

God bless those evil, racist, non-college-educated white women … EL OH EL.

Amy Siskind wants everyone to know college-educated white women were more than happy to vote for McAuliffe and his dreams of big government and little people. Hint, this did NOT work out well for Mizz Siskind:

Amy is right about one thing.

It’s simple.

But it’s not about racism or progress.

It’s about what the Virginia Department of Education was doing to children to pander to the Virginia Teacher’s Association … but yeah, she’s on a roll, and who are we to interrupt someone when they’re making a giant a*s of themselves for our entertainment?


She only wants to engage with women she can influence.

Well, guess we can say we are dismayed and disgusted by Amy and her inability to engage with women who may disagree with her.

Goes both ways, honey.

And c’mon, let’s be honest about WHY Terry took this demographic. The only group who really wanted McAwful was the teacher’s association, and gosh golly gee, teachers have degrees. This wasn’t some group of college-educated women across the spectrum voting for the guy promising to make the lives of the unvaccinated ‘difficult.’

They really are.

They would rather claim racism than accept their entire agenda is being rejected.

And they’re terrified about the midterms.

For good reason.



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