Mary Katharine Ham is the epitome of a Mama Bear, especially when it comes to teacher’s unions working diligently to keep our kids out of the classroom last year. That and of course, the absolute lie being pushed by the Left that CRT isn’t being taught in schools.

Because it is.

Especially in Virginia.

The ‘drop’ started here:

Ham chimed in:

And for some reason, her tweet triggered a troll who accused her of wanting to kill kids and teachers and then claiming teachers went above and beyond while parents whined.

Tell us you’re a union teacher without telling us you’re a union teacher.

This didn’t go over so hot for the little troll who couldn’t:

Ouch. What Mary said.

And absolutely, this ridiculous talking point about killing kids in classrooms is absolutely juvenile and meant to bully people into shutting up.

Luckily, parents in Virginia didn’t shut up.

But tell us again how teachers went above and beyond.




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