Glenn Greenwald has been laying waste to the media and Leftist pundits as we find out more and more about the Russian collusion hoax they pushed on America for over four years. And who could blame him? No matter what we discover, the media will suffer zero consequences for the role they played …

It wasn’t 4Chan or Q or MAGA Boomers … it was the media.

Keep going.

They ignored everything.

Remember when Mueller was going to DESTROY TRUMP?

And then he didn’t?

Or when Adam Schitt-head claimed he had proof that would absolutely end his presidency?

And HE didn’t?

These weren’t errors.



All smart people who have been vilified for reporting the TRUTH.

Anything that could have hurt Biden was, ‘Russian disinformation.’

Even his loser son’s laptop somehow became a Russian conspiracy.

It is contemptible.

They just don’t care.

They sleep because their actions garnered the results they wanted.

And to Hell with the rest of the country.

Our bad.



What a boil on the butt of humanity that guy is.



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