Remember when SNL was funny? Yeah … it’s been a while.

With all the material Joe Biden literally HANDED THEM this week (breaking wind in front of Camila? REALLY), they chose to get political instead of entertaining or funny. Granted, the few viewers they have left are all raging Leftists anyway so this likely made the dozens of them happy to see, but it’s almost as if the show wants to fail at this point.

Note, this editor couldn’t make it through this skit, not because it’s offensive (it is but eh), but because it’s just angry and cringe-inducing.

Watch (or don’t):

Another note, we almost didn’t even bother writing about this because we figure this is what Cecily wanted. But we decided we’re not writing about it because we’re outraged (which is what she was going for), but because it’s just so mockable. And desperate.

And angry.

Not funny.

Preeeeeeeeetty much.

And their ratings show it.

That’s the thing. She’s not funny in this skit. It’s just another lecture from the Left about how evil people are for not wanting babies aborted.

Not so sure about another five years.

It is starting to feel like the show is on its last legs.

Guess we weren’t the only ones who couldn’t make it through the skit.

And speaking of skits we couldn’t get through …

Again. Biden literally crapped his pants in Italy BUT TRUMP. Oh, and tell us you’re pissed about Glenn Youngkin cleaning Terry McAuliffe’s clock without really telling us.

Big babies.



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