Would someone do us a solid and send this thread to Joy Reid, Jemele Hill, and any other blue-check Leftist pundits claiming Glenn Youngkin won Virginia because of racism? Awesome.

Hey, we get it, Democrats really really really need people to believe it had to be something other than their crap leadership in the state over the last eight years (especially the last two years), but the reality is Youngkin won more non-white voters than any other statewide GOP candidate in the history of the state.

Don’t take our word for it:

Ya’ don’t say?


We’ve seen estimates as high as 55% of the Hispanic vote but even 40% is pretty damn amazing for a Republican.

And certainly not proof of white supremacy.

Sorry, Joy.

Convenient narratives are convenient.




And in the nation.

Better wake up, Democrats.

On second thought … that’s ok. Stay asleep.




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