Sure the National Education Association will love this, Randi.

Apparently, Randi Weingarten wants people to blame Trump and DeVos for closing down the schools during COVID, not her. And if THAT doesn’t work, she thinks people should blame their local National Education Association chapters …

And she seems very upset that Corey DeAngelis is calling her and her lies OUT:

Every day they attack her.

Oh, boo hoo.

Maybe if she didn’t spend time keeping kids out of the classroom and all masked up she wouldn’t be ‘attacked’ every day.

Poor, sad Randi. She’s really the victim in all of this, you guys.


Be relentless.

It’s the only way to not only get their attention but make a change.

It’s always that other guy’s fault.

That big ol’ meanie, fighting to make sure kids get the best education possible.

And always picking on the helpless president of the biggest teacher’s union in the country.

Gold star for the Supernatural gif.

We can only hope.



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